Together for Vanier

In 2006, Crime Prevention Ottawa began a community development project in Ottawa’s downtown Vanier neighbourhood. Rich in history, community organizations and concerned residents, Vanier has experienced a dramatic improvement in its fortunes.

The Caledon Institute, a social policy think tank, has published the story of this success, entitled: Together for Vanier: Crime Prevention Ottawa Sparks Change

The community was also awarded the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Community Mobilization Award on June 22, 2009. 

The community has developed an active website with up to date community information:

Working Groups
Two Working Groups have been created:  one on Beautification and the other on Drugs and Prostitutions.    For more information or to join the Working Groups contact

Reporting Crime and other Problems
Many community members expressed confusion and concerns about what they could or should report and how to report problems.   “Questions? Problems? Here’s who and where to call!”

 Landlord Booklet
To help landlords prevent crime and contribute to building safe and healthy communities, Crime Prevention Ottawa launched a publication “Safety and Security in Rental Buildings: An Information Guide for Ottawa’s Residential Landlords”.

The publication helps landlords promote safety and prevent crime in their rental properties with useful information on overcoming the challenges of a crack house and other problem properties. Landlords can be key to solving these issues, but often they do not have the tools or the information in order to resolve the situation.