The Lifecycle of Crime: Learning from the Experts

An award winning criminologist from the University of Cambridge shared his knowledge and expertise about the life cycle of crime. Why do some young people commit crimes and then stop?  Why do others continue on to adult offending?  And what can we do to prevent this transition to adult offending from happening.

Dr. David P. Farrington: (view presentation)

  • Emeritus Professor of Psychological Criminology at Cambridge University.
  • Author of over 100 books
  • Winner of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology, and the Freda Adler Distinguished Scholar Award of International Criminology, and the August Vollmer Award of the American Society of Criminology

Gord Boyd, Director of Youth Justice, Youth ‎Services Bureau 
Omar Al-Hattab, ‎Youth Lead, Youth Outreach Worker, Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
Staff Sergeant Andrew Buchan, Ottawa Police Service

Chantal Bernier, Dentons Canada LLP, CPO Board member

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This event is sponsored in part by the Community Safety and Countering Crime Branch Research Division at Public Safety Canada.

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