Culture and Indigenous Youth: A Pathway to Wellbeing

Culture and Indigenous Youth: A Pathway to Wellbeing

Speaker Series event and research paper release

Crime Prevention Ottawa is pleased to release the research paper, “Culture as a Catalyst: Preventing the Criminalization of Indigenous Youth.” The paper targets professionals who work with young Indigenous people. Author Dr. Melanie Bania explores:

  • Key strategies for supporting Indigenous youth
  • Ways to ensure cultural safety
  •  Strength-based approaches
  • Trauma-informed supports
  • Benefits of culturally competent staff and programming

The event was held in partnership with the City of Ottawa Aboriginal Working Committee.


The paper was presented at our Culture and Indigenous Youth Speaker Series event. It offered information and insights into working with Indigenous youth, and how culture plays a role in promoting their wellbeing.

When:   Tuesday, February 14th from 8:00 am to10:30 am

Where: City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West Andrew Haydon Hall (Council Chambers)

Melanie Bania, Community Engagement Consultant (see presentation)
Marc Maracle, Co-Chair of the Aboriginal Working Committee and Executive Director, Gignul Non Profit Housing Corporation
Équan Liberté, Youth Justice Case Manager– Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health 
Lynda Brown, Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre (see presentation)
Barbara Sevigny, Tungasuvvingat Inuit

Michelle Mann-Rempel, Lawyer and consultant specialized in Indigenous criminal justice

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