Connecting on Disability and Abuse

With research showing that people with mental or behavioural disorders are four times more likely to be victimized than those without, Crime Prevention Ottawa believes in giving a voice to the voiceless. Connecting on Disability and Abuse (CODA) is a community-based initiative with the goal of developing community capacity to address abuse and disability issues through prevention and education. 

CODA provides an open forum for discussion, conducts research and defines emerging priorities to influence policy, legislative, funding and service decisions. The group also advocates for the rights and needs of people with disabilities. Our goal is to break the silence around issues of abuse and disability and to develop effective partnership networks and initiatives.  See our Terms of Reference and Definition of Abuse. The committee meets every two months.

Booklet on abuse against persons with disabilities

Do you know someone living with a disability? Are you? This new booklet helps people understand abuse against persons with disabilities and what to do about it. Anyone can experience abuse. Understanding abuse and knowing what is happening can help people speak up and stay safe.

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The CODA Ambassador Program 

Crime Prevention Ottawa is pleased to announce the launch of the CODA: Connecting on Disability and Abuse Ambassador program. The program provides trained volunteers to represent CODA at community events, information fairs and meetings. It is our way of reaching out to people with disabilities, families and community agencies across the city and sharing information about issues on disability and abuse.

Meet our CODA Ambassadors

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and from communities across the city. Each is a leader in his or her own right. Our team of Ambassadors includes:

Laurie Alphonse
Veronica Anderson
Daniel Boyer
Michelle Boyer
Helen Lenthall
Terrie Meehan
Daniel Oickle

Are you planning a meeting or event in your community? Why not invite one of our CODA Ambassadors? They come armed with information and materials to share with your friends and neighbours.

To book an Ambassador, join CODA or for more information, please contact

For research on this topic, visit our Disability and Abuse Publications page.