Violence Against Women


Take your pledge: MANifest change!

Join the campaign to end violence against women. We’re asking men and boys to upload a selfie and make your pledge. If you’re a woman, ask the men in your life (friends, partners, brothers, co-workers) to do the same. Visit the I can MANifest change website for details. You can also tweet your pledge and your selfie using the hashtag #MANifestChange.

This unique campaign features Ottawa men making their pledge. Watch their videos and discover why Ottawa Senator Marc Methot, Ottawa Police Cst. Khoa Huang, tattoo artist Alex Neron and others are taking a stand.

I can MANifest change campaign is a partnership between the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW), Crime Prevention Ottawa, and the Ottawa Police Service.

Don’t Be That Guy Campaign

We have joined forces with The Ottawa Hospital to expand the Don’t Be THAT Guy sexual consent campaign. A series of three hard-hitting posters will appear in 800 OC Transpo buses for six weeks in the fall of 2013, and again for four weeks in May 2014. They target potential offenders, asking them to think responsibly before they act. This represents an impressive reach of nearly 160,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 34 on multiple occasions over each period.

Read more in the campaign backgrounder or download our posters and order form

Watch the Don’t Be That Guy Ottawa video.

OC Transpo campaign posters


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Sexual Violence and Social Media

Social media can play a tragic and life-changing role in sexual violence. It’s an issue which needs attention. Together with the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women, CPO commissioned research into the problem. The report, Sexual Violence, Social Media and Youth, is an important starting point for a city-wide strategy.  For more information, read the full report , executive summary or view the videos from our Speaker Series event and public consultation.

Research and Awareness

We actively support research that sheds more light on the issue of violence against women and share our knowledge through our Speaker Series events and publications. From examining the problem of sexual violence, youth and drinking to engaging men in violence prevention, our goal is to contribute to conversations and advance understanding.

We also publish research and knowledge on disability and abuse, as well as support the delivery of The Fourth R dating violence prevention program in Ottawa high schools.

For research and information on this topic, visit our Violence Against Women Publications page.