Paint it Up!

Crime Prevention Ottawa, in partnership with the City of Ottawa, offers funding for outdoor mural projects that support graffiti prevention, community safety and the beautification of Ottawa neighbourhoods. The Paint it Up! Program empowers youth through community arts.

Dating and Sexual Violence

In Love and In Danger

Up to 30,000 Ottawa high school students are learning how to build healthy relationships each year thanks to the innovative program, In Love and In Danger. The program is the result of a partnership between Family Services Ottawa, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and the Ottawa Catholic School Board. CPO has provided funding to allow the program to integrate research into sexual violence and social media.

For the next two years, In Love and In Danger will work with students at conferences and in the classroom to talk about media literacy and safety in dating relationships, and to encourage students to use social media to advance anti-violence initiatives.Learn more about the difference it is making in this video.

The Fourth R

We continue to promote safe and healthy relationship through research and the evidence-based dating violence prevention program, The Fourth R.  Now available in all 41 English-speaking Ottawa high schools and many French-speaking high schools, more than 130 teachers are now trained to deliver the program.

Social media and violence

We also commissioned research into social media, sexual violence and youth. Our goal? To develop a city-wide strategy to combat the very real problems related to using social media for sexual violence purposes. Read the full research report , executive summary or view the videos from our public consultation event.

Drinking and sexual violence

Ottawa’s  Don’t Be THAT Guy poster campaign tackles the very real problem of drinking and sexual violence among youth aged 19 to 25. Rather than placing responsibility for preventing sexual assault in the hands of victims, the posters appeal to potential offenders—speaking directly to them in their language. To find out more and see the posters, visit our Violence Against Women page.

Presentations for Parents

Safe Youth, Safe Communities: This workshop is designed to help parents find ways to raise healthy, happy and hopeful children. Participants learn how to help children avoid getting involved in gang-related activities and how to access community resources to support them. The workshop can be downloaded and delivered in English, FrenchSomaliArabic, Spanish or Farsi. Please contact us at if you plan to offer a workshop in your community.

For youth-related research and publications, visit our Youth Publications