Ottawa youth gangs: pathways in, pathways out

Date : Tuesday October 11 at 08:16

Crime Prevention Ottawa, in collaboration with the Youth Services Bureau, hosted a public forum called, “Ottawa youth gangs: Pathways in, pathways out,” on October 24, 2011.

The event featured a guest panel of experts to explore the latest research on youth gangs in Ottawa, including what our children need, the life course history of Ottawa gang members, exit programs for gang members and approaches for helping them leave gang life.

Read the research below to find out more about why youth join gangs, why many reject help and what Ottawa is doing about it.

Overview of the current gang situation in Ottawa – Ottawa Police Service-Staff Sergeant Mark Patterson, Guns and Gangs Section

“Life Course of Youth Gang Members,” Professor Katharine Kelly, Director, Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies, Carleton University, October 2011.

Needs Assessment and Service Awareness of Youth Aged 10 to 14, Living in the South-East and West Priority Areas,” Youth Services Bureau, June 2010.

Leaving Criminal Youth Gangs: Exit Strategies and Programs,” Appendix A & Appendix B-Professors Ross Hastings, Laura Dunbar and Melanie Bania, Institute for the Prevention of Crime, University of Ottawa, June 2011.

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