New!  Best Practices in the Prevention of Crime Within Entertainment Districts  (2018)

Welcomed guest or Home Takeover ? (2018)

New! How to respond to traumatic or critical incidents: Information for services providers (2018)

New! How to deal with traumatic or critical incidents: Information for community residents (2018)

A story of  Neighbourhood-based Crime Prevention -UNLOC (2018)

Ottawa Street Violence & Gang Strategy  (2017)

Neighbourhood trauma: What to do when a violent or traumatic incident happens  (2017)

Tips for Community Association Concerned with Crime and Safety  (2017)

Ottawa Gang Strategy-Our First Three Years: Evaluation Results  (2016)

Ottawa Gang Strategy- Technical Evaluation Report   (2016)

Reations to Trauma at the Community Level-Full Report  (2016)

Reactions to Trauma at the Community Level -Executive Summary (2016)

Post-Incident Neighbourhood Support Networks  (2016)

Don't Snitch: Response to Neighbourhood Intimidation (2016)

Safety guide for Ottawa's Residential Landlords  (2015)

Home takeovers guidebook   (2015)

Neighbourhood Approaches to Mental Health and Addictions  (2014)

Conference Report: Safety and the Sex Trade (2014)

United Neighbours: A Community Building Experience (2014)

Beautification Today, Safer Tomorrow- A project book for your neighbourhood (2014)

Home Takeovers of Vulnerable Tenants (2013)

Women and Girls’ Eyes on the Neighbourhood: Feeling Safe in Public Space (2013)

Approaches to Disrupting Street-Level, Open-Air Drug Markets  (2013)

Ottawa Gang Strategy: Roadmap for Action 2013-2016  (2013)

Cuckooing: Home Takeovers of Vulnerable Tenants (2013)

Neighbourhood Toolkit (2012)

Taking Action Together: Addressing Gangs in Our City - Recommendations Report (2012)

Taking Action Together: Addressing Gangs in Our City – Record of Proceedings (2012)

Challenges Associated with Community Development in Apartment Buildings  (2012) 

Why Community-Based Crime Prevention Works: Case Studies from Three Ottawa Communities (summary report, 2012) *award winning publication*

Learning from Community-Based Crime Prevention Initiatives: The Experiences of Three Ottawa Communities (full report 2012)

Rural Transportation Initiatives:  Preventing Crime and Promoting Safety (2012)

Engaging Local Businesses in Community Development and Crime Prevention: A Literature Review (2012)

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Institute for the Prevention of Crime: Making Cities Safer: Action Briefs for Municipal Stakeholders (2009)

Prevention by Design in Ottawa: Toward a Strategic Approach to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (2009)

Together for Vanier: Crime Prevention Ottawa Sparks Change (2009)