CPO Ambassadors

Crime Prevention Ottawa Ambassador program

About the program

In 2013, Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) launched the Ambassador program. The Ambassador program has two groups of volunteers: the CPO Forum Ambassadors and CODA (Connecting on Disability and Abuse) Ambassadors. The program provides trained volunteers to represent CPO at community events, information fairs and meetings. It is our way of reaching out to neighbourhoods across the city and sharing information about crime prevention and community safety.

Meet our CPO Forum and CODA Ambassadors

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and from communities across the city. Each is a leader in his or her own right. Our team of Ambassadors includes:

CPO Forum Ambassadors

Adrian Benjamin
Ines Huang
Mark Jowett
Nicole Li
Pawel Mazurek
Meghan Skinner
Asfia Sultan
Victor Amisi Sulubika
Matthew Wu
Bill Watson
Remy Yamuremye

CODA  Ambassadors

Laurie Alphonse
Veronica Anderson
Daniel Boyer
Michelle Boyer
Terrie Meehan
Dan Oickle

Book an Ambassador for your next community event

Are you planning a meeting or event in your community? Why not invite one of our CPO Ambassadors? They come armed with information and materials to share with your friends and neighbours. So spread the community safety message. Email us at cpo@ottawa.ca to book one of our Ambassadors today.