Do you use public transportation? OC Transpo offers some valuable travel tips and safety advice to make every ride a safe one.

Anonymous reporting

OC Transpo also has an anonymous online reporting system, which allows it to document and respond to situations involving gender-based violence.

OC Transpo Security – Transecure

OC Transpo employees are trained to deal with security issues to keep passengers safe. They can offer their vehicles as a safe haven for anyone in distress. They can also contact the OC Transpo Control Centre for assistance. The centre works with emergency services such as fire, ambulance and police.

If you need help, ask any OC Transpo employee or call 613-741-2478.

Night travel

If you use transitway stations after 9 p.m., wait at a designated Night Stop, which is a well-lit bus stop marked in yellow with the Transecure logo.

After midnight, you can have a taxi meet you at a designated taxi pick-up location at most transitway stations.

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OC Transpo Special Constables

OC Transpo Special Constables are sworn Peace Officers who have the powers of a police officer to enforce the law and protect people on all transit vehicles and property. Their mandate is to

  • protect transit customers, employees and property
  • preserve the peace
  • prevent crime and offences
  • promote public safety and awareness
  • help persons in need of assistance

The Transit Law Enforcement team also includes Transit Fare Enforcement Officers who check fares and Communications Officers who monitor surveillance cameras, answer emergency calls and dispatch assistance.

Passenger assistance alarms

If you are riding on an articulated (long) or double-decker bus, you can use a passenger assistance alarm to tell the operator about an emergency situation at the back of the bus or on the top deck.

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