The Community Development Framework (CDF) brings together residents, community organizations, funders, researchers, and city services to build strong neighbourhoods.

CDF can help a neighbourhood

  • decide on its goals and the changes it wants to make
  • achieve its goals by having residents, institutions, community agencies, and other stakeholders work together
  • develop the skills and support required to make the changes happen

How does the CDF work?

For priority neighbourhoods in Ottawa:

  • People who live and work in the neighbourhood get together to work on local concerns that matter to them.
  • Residents and community partners identify the neighborhood’s assets and needs using tools such as a neighbourhood survey or discussion groups.
  • Residents and partners make a plan to address concerns and then put the plan into action.
  • Community agencies and institutions identify possible partners and resources from the neighbourhood, the city or the province. Community agencies and institutions help respond to the neighbourhood concerns that require change at a level beyond the neighbourhood (example: access to affordable, nutritious food).
  • Residents and partners evaluate what worked well and what needs to be improved.
  • Residents and partners make changes and keep going.
  • CDF provides ways for residents and service providers to share knowledge and skills about how best to make change that will improve the neighbourhood.
  • CDF supports neighbourhoods to celebrate their accomplishments to improve their neighbourhoods.

Change happens when people work together!

The guiding principles

  1. Get everyone involved
  2. Encourage cooperation
  3. Facilitate learning
  4. Encourage leadership
  5. Build on strengths
  6. Leverage resources
  7. Recognize complexity
  8. Build lasting relationships
  9. Plan for the future
  10. Celebrate success

For more information

Visit the Community Development Framework website.