“Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) recognizes that systemic racism exists, and that it has profound negative impacts across many racialized and marginalized populations within our community.

In all facets of our work, Crime Prevention Ottawa’s board and staff commit to collectively combatting the systemic anti-Black racism that poisons our society and its institutions. With humility and resolve, CPO commits to this necessary work of countering the insidious, pervasive, and systemic nature of racism, and its counterpart white privilege, in our society.

Racism takes many forms; it is a belief system that is embedded in our society. In addition to anti-Black racism, we undertake to work against all forms of racism, discrimination, inequality, and violence against Indigenous and racialized communities.

We have much to learn and a ways to grow as we hold ourselves accountable to these essential goals.”

Crime Prevention Ottawa hosted 2 online anti-racism training sessions this summer which are available to view online.  

1) Understanding Systemic Anti-Black Racism Presenter: Rev. Anthony Bailey
2) Anti-Indigenous Racism in Canada: They couldn’t make us disappear  Presenter: Ed Buller