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Neighbourhood toolkit fridge magnets

The “Who to call” neighbourhood toolkit fridge magnets can be distributed at community events or in your building. Available in English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Somali, and Farsi.

Abuse of people with disabilities

This booklet helps people understand abuse against persons with disabilities and what to do about it. Available in English and French.

Youth criminal justice: what parents should know

This booklet helps parents recognize warning signs such as family or behaviour problems and learn strategies to help prevent youth crime. Available in English, French, Arabic, and Somali.

Coded Repeater - Toolkit Magnets
Coded Repeater - Abuse of People with Disabilities
Coded Repeater - Youth Criminal Justice

Cootie catcher and social media safety tips for parents

The cootie catcher (paper fortune teller) is a social media awareness tool designed for kids aged 8 to 12. Parents can also consult the corresponding tip sheet which discusses the dangers of various social media platforms. Available in English and French.

Safety guide for Ottawa’s residential landlords

This booklet aims to help landlords avoid and overcome problems related to crime and safety on their property. Available in English and French.

Home takeovers guidebook

The home takeovers campaign educates tenants and service providers about the problem. Order a copy of our guidebook, available in English and French.

Coded Repeater - Cootie Catcher
Coded Repeater - Safety Guide for Landlords
Coded Repeater - Home Takeovers Guidebook

Home takeovers posters

Order posters for your building, available in English and French.

Home takeovers info cards

Order our information cards and distribute them to tenants and neighbours. Available in English, French, Arabic, Somali.

Coded Repeater - Home Takeovers Posters
Coded Repeater - Home Takeovers Info Cards