If there is a house or building in your neighbourhood that is run-down or abandoned, it can become a problem for you and your neighbours.

Signs of neglected properties include:

  • Appliances or old cars left on the property
  • Weeds, grass and gardens growing out of control
  • Dangerous items like old fuel cans left lying around

These can make your street look unattractive, and chemicals or other toxins could be harmful to children or animals.

Neglected and abandoned properties can lower your sense of pride in your community, and can sometimes attract drug dealers and other criminals.

What can you do about it?

Abandoned cars

Old, abandoned vehicles in your neighbourhood can be an eyesore, and they are not allowed under the City of Ottawa’s Property Standards By-Law.

The by-law states: “No vehicle, which is in a wrecked, discarded, dismantled, inoperative or abandoned condition shall be parked, stored or left in a yard.” However, it’s ok to have one vehicle in the yard if it’s being actively repaired.

Bushes and hedges

Overgrown bushes, shrubs, hedges and trees can make people feel unsafe or put their safety at risk.

The City of Ottawa Property Standards By-Law states that all hedges, shrubs, trees or other plants must be planted and maintained in a way that does not

  • make things unsafe for the public
  • make it dangerous to drive or walk nearby
  • block the view of people driving or walking
  • hide or interfere with the use of hydrants or water valves