Crime Prevention Ottawa uses a collaborative, evidence-based approach to reduce crime and increase community safety. Our strategic plan identifies key issues, which we address through research, projects and strategic initiatives.

Street violence

We work with our partners to build stronger families, keep youth out of gangs, and offer support to gang members who want to leave the gang life.

Neighbourhoods we work with

As problems arise, we work with different neighbourhoods to address them.

Home takeovers

Home takeovers happen in Ottawa – and could be happening to someone you know. Download our home takeovers booklet to learn how to identify the problem, what to do and where to go for help.

Trauma and neighbourhoods

The Post-Incident Neighbourhood Support Network Framework mobilizes local resources to help neighbourhoods impacted by violent or traumatic incidents.

Gender-based violence

Gender-based violence is an issue we all need to address. Learn about our gender-based violence initiatives.

Healthy relationships

When teens understand what healthy relationships look like, they can make informed decisions and positive changes. Learn what we’re doing to help.


As a parent, knowledge is power. Discover the work we do to support youth and families. Find out how to host one of our workshops.

Paint It Up! graffiti program

Run in conjunction with the City of Ottawa, our outdoor mural program helps youth express themselves while keeping our neighbourhoods beautiful.

Disability and abuse

We work with people living with disabilities to address and prevent abuse in our community.