Addressing the gangs problem in Ottawa

The Ottawa Gang Strategy Steering Committee is working to address the issue of gangs in our city.  Read our report:

Ottawa Gang Strategy—Seeking Solutions to Street-Level Violence: Our First Three Yearsdemonstrates that the strategy’s 12 initiatives have contributed to tangible progress on neighbourhood cohesion, prevention, intervention, and suppression and enforcement.

The report was tabled at the City of Ottawa’s Community and Protective Services Committee meeting on October 20. It is available, together with the full-length technical evaluation of the Ottawa Gang Strategy.

Exit Service

The Committee has launched its Gang Exit Service. Find out about the gang exit service

About the Ottawa Gang Strategy

The Ottawa Gang Strategy involves eight specific initiatives, each designed to:

  • build stronger children, families and communities
  • take inclusive and preventative approaches
  • identify interventions for those at-risk, on the edge of joining a gang, or looking to leave gang life
  • conduct targeted, sustained and effective enforcement

Taking action on gangs means working with partners across the city to find and implement solutions together. Find out more about these intiatives in the Ottawa Gang Strategy: A Roadmap for Action 2013-16. Or, you can view and listen to our Ottawa Gang Strategy presentation.

For more information

  • Gangs and Trauma: View the presentations from our 2015 conference
  • One Year Update: Read the one year progress report on the Ottawa Gang Strategy or watch the video
  • Prevention through Early Identification: See the Ottawa Police presentation
  • Ottawa Gang Situation: View the presentation by Ottawa Police Staff Sgt. Mark Patterson