Your home should always feel like a safe place for you, your family and friends. Keep it safe and secure by following these tips.

Make sure your home is not a target for burglars. The Ottawa Police Service website offers tips on crime prevention at home and on alarm systems.

The Government of Ontario has a valuable Home Security Audit Guide that can help you reduce the risk of burglary around your home. It offers inexpensive and do-it-yourself suggestions.

Neighbours watching out for neighbours is a great way to keep homes on your street safe. Join your local Neighbourhood Watch, or if your community does not have one, start your own Neighbourhood Watch program.

Home security inspection

The Ottawa Police Service offers a home security inspection program to help you reduce the likelihood that your home becomes a crime target. A police representative will visit your home and use a checklist to assess its security. You’ll also get a booklet full of tips.

Home alone

Do you ever leave your child, aged 9 to 13, home alone? If so, consider giving them ‘home alone’ training, to help them handle potentially dangerous situations in your home. A number of community organizations offer this kind of training, including Safety Tree and Menard Safety.

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