Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or allowing your teenager to host a party at home, it’s important to keep safety and security in mind.

Parties with no parental supervision

Sometimes teenagers or young adults hold parties when their parents are away, which can lead to dangerous situations, often fueled by alcohol or drugs. Uninvited guests can turn up looking for trouble, or the party can become much bigger than planned. There is also the danger of binge drinking or young people driving under the influence.

Student households may also experience the same problems when hosting parties. If they are an ongoing issue in your neighbourhood, talk to your local Community Police Centre about the problem and how to resolve it. If an unsupervised party is taking place in your neighbourhood, contact:

  • 3-1-1 to report noise complaints or other by-law violations
  • 9-1-1 if a crime is in progress or it is a life-threatening emergency
  • 613-236-1222 for all other police inquiries

If you’re a parent, leave your cell phone number with neighbours and let them know when you will be away. That way, if your child hosts a party in the home and it gets out of control, your neighbour can call police and provide them with your number. Once on site, the police will call you for permission to enter your home and deal with any problems.

Ontario’s Parental Responsibility Act explains your responsibilities when your child hosts a party in your home – whether or not you are there.

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